Transform your business and be ready for your data driven future. Every [Liber] Byte has a story waiting to be told; let us transform your data into compelling narratives that drive success. Don't let your data's potential languish; elevate it, celebrate it, and watch your vision come alive with our platform.

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Achieve transparency about your data

Start with transparency and answer the question where to find which data in your organization. Understand the complexity of your data and organize your data to be ready for the next steps.

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Integrate and combine internal and external data

Pull and combine data from different (internal / external) systems. Break your data silos. Our flexible technology approach enables you to match your data demand and data supply.

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Create new value from your data

We enable you to monetize your data. With our approach you can push your data to different Liberbyte data ecosystems or or channel your data to other data ecosystems in a targeted way.


The innovative architecture from Liberbyte spans a tailored and intelligent data management layer on top of your existing data management landscape enabling your organisation to turn your current data landscape into a demand & supply driven Data Exchange and Monetization platform which scales globally.

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Model your organizational hierarchy easily with our governance editor to achieve transparency about your data. Keep track of where your data comes from at all times. Continuous data maintenance and accessibility of specific data and reports are established both within and beyond organizational boundaries.

Introducing our metadata-based approach, meticulously designed to conform to the globally recognized FAIR Principles. Ensure that your data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, optimizing both efficiency and utility. Experience a modern solution that prioritizes clear data organization and maximized usability.

Experience unparalleled adaptability with our Highly Flexible Data Processing Architecture. Tailor your data workflows to meet evolving business demands effortlessly. Dive into a realm where scalability meets precision, ensuring your data is always primed for the insights you seek.


Liberbyte’s solution comes with Data Exchange capabilities out of the box and enables your organisation to start exchanging data intra or inter company. Liberbyte’s exchange solution enables your organisation to easily integrate with third parties, for example with your service network or supply chain providers. The solution adapts to organizational changes while individual data providers remain in control of their data.

Seamlessly merge the power of your internal resources with the vast expanse of external data. Our data exchange feature ensures a smooth integration, allowing for richer insights and more informed decisions. Combine, analyze, and elevate with unified data at your fingertips.

Powered by our cutting-edge technology, we offer unparalleled flexibility to seamlessly integrate various systems, landscapes, and architectures. No matter the complexity or diversity of your data environments, we make accessibility effortless. With us, you're not just adopting a solution, you're embracing a future of boundless connectivity.

Seamlessly bridge the gap between data demand and supply with our data matchmaking. Whether you're integrating internal data sources or connecting with external partners, effortlessly synchronize and align your data needs. Streamline your data processes, ensuring the right information is always in the right hands.
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Transform your data into a revenue generating asset. Build your data-based products and -services by combining data from various (public or private) sources into monetizable assets. Enable existing assets for monetization and / or continuously build new assets on the fly. Setup your own globally accessible data supply and demand servers and continously extract value from your data.

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Unlock the true potential of your data. Whether it's individual data points, specific files, or entire streams, you now have the flexibility to derive value at every scale. Transform each piece of your data into a revenue-generating asset, tailored to fit your unique business needs.

Expand your data monetization potential by establishing and managing your personal data supply server on a global scale. Seamlessly operate across continents, opening doors to new markets. Our platform empowers you to optimize data assets for unparalleled profitability, wherever they're utilized.

Experience unparalleled adaptability with our Highly Flexible Data Processing Architecture. Tailor your data workflows to meet evolving business demands effortlessly. Dive into a realm where scalability meets precision, ensuring your data is always primed for the insights you seek.Harness the value of your data by creating new data products and services. Our intuitive creative tool simplifies the transformation of raw data into valuable, market-ready offerings. Dive into innovation and elevate your data's potential with tailor-made products and services.


While the benefits of using our solution might seem evident, we believe it's essential to dive deeper into what truly makes our offering unique. Uncover the distinct benefits that have been carefully designed to supercharge your operations and drive success. Operating with data can be very complex – unleash the magic of simplicity with our solution.

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Innovative Platform Architecture

Combining “Data Catalogue” & “Data Mesh” & “Fair Principles” on a global scale

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Data as Product

Treatment of data as exchangeable and monetizable good with Supply & Demand

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Data Ecosystem Enabler

Federated & decentralized architecture which up to thousands of servers

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Data & Platform Security

Highest (“police / secret service level”) security approval on core technology

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Embedded Data Governance

Model your organisation, project, programme enabling “embedded” data governance

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Intelligent Bot Processing

Scalable and flexible microservices processing architecture (“down to a single data point”)

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AI Enabler

Flexibility & 100% transparency on data sourcing and consumption for your AI solution

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Powerful UX

Innovative graphical command line interfacing & data driven HCI

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Creative Platform

Create data products & services and continously expose them to AI consumption for business and science


We address the most pressing challenges hindering your data-driven success. We delve into the intricate world of data complexities that modern businesses face daily.


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