About us

Our Story

Liberbyte is addressing the growing and varied need of organisations to be able to manage their data effectively. Private and public organisations increasingly face the challenge of identifying, accessing and sharing business domain specific data in and outside of their boundaries.

Liberbyte's business model, platform and domain specific solutions are focussing on to facilitate, narrow and close the below SUPPLY and DEMAND gap:

Drivers for Data SUPPLY

  • Exponential Growth in data volumes driven by ongoing digitalisation of many industries and growth in IoT/sensors/robots/bots
  • Expansion of digital platform businesses / economies
  • Increasing connectivity leveraging API, communication and distributed systems and resulting network effects
  • Increasing use algorithms, Machine Learning and Analytics creating further data
  • Need to be able to isolate data supplies (and or demand) down to single data point and/or attribute
  • Ability to govern the data supply by an organisation (for business benefits / creating value out of data)

Drivers for Data DEMAND

  • Need for business / research domain specific data across organisational borders and sources
  • Need to find specific data beyond search engine reach (e.g. in company internal networks) and / or in right format and quality
  • Need to create new bespoke data (by user or sensors) and create Information Architectures (Metadata / Ontologies) to support ML
  • Need to be able to isolate data demands (and or supply) down to single data point and/or attribute
  • Ability to govern data demand by an organisation (for business benefits / creating value out of data)

Liberbyte's Value Statement:

To help organisations to create global data driven platforms with positive impact on society and the planet as a whole. Liberbyte is supporting and promoting the principles of data democratisations, equal and open access to data and information, information transparency and reliability, sustainability of organisations, and the provision of the value from data and intellectual property back to its originators.

Our Team

Timo Straten - CEO

Timo is a digital business innovator, thinker and entrepreneur with a strong focus on digital transformation, sustainability and the value of data for organisations.

With focus on business development & processes he has worked for different industries in EMEA and US in Project Management, Start-up Development, Business Development, Process Management and Consulting for distributed systems.

He is a passionate leader who puts transparency and customer solution in the foreground. Timo is self-awere with strong integrity and ability to build and manage teams and applies his motivation, empathy and social skills in his dealings with fellow human beings and business networks.

His main focus areas for Liberbyte are Business & Platform Ecosystem Management.

Tero Salomaa – CTO & CDO

Tero is a subject matter focussed solution and data architect with over 20 years of experience from various leading European and US organisations.

He has significant experience in the areas of Banking & Financial Services, Data Management & Data Architectures, Software Engineering & Distributes Systems as well as Renewable Energy.

His professional experience is supported by varied academic degrees from the areas of Applied Computing, Financial Economics, International Finance, Business Intelligence / Data Science as well as Corporate Finance.

Tero's main focus areas are Liberbyte's Information Architecture & Platform Development.